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Monique Sutton of Simply Moe Slayed | BOBs in the Burbs Ep1

Hello, I am Ashley L. James, and this is BOBs in the 'Burbs. This is an interview series that shines a spotlight on black-owned businesses in suburban areas, and today, my guest is Monique Sutton. She'll be talking to us today about her business.

Hi Monique, how are you?

Monique Sutton: Hi Ashley, how are you? I'm doing good.

Ashley: That's good. I'm good too, girl. Okay, so let's get right into it. Tell us more about yourself and your business.

Monique: Okay, my name is Monique, and I have a business here in Oswego, Illinois, that is called Simply Moe Slayed Luxury Hair & Wigs, where I specialize in natural hair care and extensions and wigs.

Ashley: Very good. What has it been like operating your business in Oswego?

Monique: Actually, it's been really great operating my business here in Oswego because I'm Black. It's not a lot of Black people out here that specialize in natural hair care, so I get that a lot [from customers].

Ashley: Yes, that is very true. I know that you would be a great resource for a lot of people out here because there has been–so I also live in Oswego–and there are a lot more Black people out here than I thought there would be, so it feels really great to find a hair care specialist like you and have somebody that can actually do wonders for our hair out here.

So good. Do you use social media for your business, and if so, how do you use it?

Monique: Yes, I do use social media. I use Instagram and Facebook, so I record videos and I take pictures just to showcase my work and give information about natural hair care. Pretty much everyone needs social media to run a business nowadays because that's how you reach out to your clients and customers.

Ashley: Agreed. Yes, it's a necessary [tool] before it was just a "nice to have" and now it's something that you really need in order to get your business out there, grow awareness and let people know that you're there. There's so much going on, it's hard to cut through the noise sometimes, social media can definitely help with that.

Monique: When running a business, don't think it's just you and your business. You have to be the photographer, the videographer, the editor, and everything else. So you really need social media to interact with your audience.

Ashley: Yes, and do you have any creative ways that I use social media?

Monique: I use an app called CapCut to help edit my videos automatically, so it's not really too much extra work that I have to put into it.

Ashley: Good! I know we didn't really talk about this before, but is there anything special that you need to use CapCut? Is it easy to use? Do you need to pay for it? All of that stuff.

Monique: It's actually free. You just input your pre-recorded content into the app, and it generates it for you.

Ashley: Okay, very good so that's a great tool. She's dropping gems out here ya'll! Alright, so what advice would you give to the next generation of Black entrepreneurs like yourself?

Monique: Always have a plan, write down your ideas because if you don't write them down, they can easily be forgotten. Always invest in yourself and always be willing to learn, even if you think you already know the topic. Like me, I will take hair class after hair class even if I already know how to do what it is that they are teaching me. Everyone does something different and that something different may help you in your work. It might help you work faster. Even though you may know 90% of everything, that 10% can take your business to the next level. It might be based off the tools they use, different techniques, etc. I purchased a sew-in class, even though I already know how to do sew-ins, but learning the way she holds her needle, how she threaded and everything, really helped me out–especially since I have carpal tunnel in my hands and I realized I was holding the needle wrong. So that little tip right there taught me a lot and helps me out tremendously.

Ashley: Yeah, that's amazing so learning always adds a little bit extra to what you already know. I love that example. So my next question would be–well second to last one–so my next question would be, what are you listening to, watching, or reading that really excites you? It might be on a personal level or business level. What do you want to share?

Monique: I like listening to audiobooks. The book I'm listening to now is the 12-Week Year and basically it tells you to write everything down and organize your year into 12-week spans. That can help you out with your business and another really good audiobook to listen to is Rich Dad, Poor Dad and also The Secret. It helps you get into the mind-frame for business, if that makes sense.

Ashley: Yes, absolutely! I love those. Okay, so we know some things to add to our reading list or listening list, however you want to do it. Perfect, so my last question is going to be, where can people learn more about you and follow you online?

Monique: People can learn more about me and follow me on social media. That's Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok @SimplyMoeSlayed. For my personal life, you can follow me on Snapchat @SimplyMoeSlayed as well.

Ashley: Okay, I love that! Thank you for joining me today, this has been great. I really appreciate your time and learning more about you and Simply Moe Slayed. Ya'll go follow her!

Monique: Thank you for having me!

Ashley: No problem. Have a great rest of your day! 

Monique: You too. Thank you!

Alright, My People. That brings us to the end of this episode of BOBs in the 'Burbs. If you're interested in seeing more interviews like this one, find us at @ALJDigitalMarketing on the social media channels listed on the screen. And I will add Monique's socials to the caption as well as some of the other things we talked about. So please check that out.

And that's it! Until next time, remember, #WeOutHereToo. Bye!


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