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BOBs In The 'Burbs Book List

We all appreciate the rich nuggets of wisdom shared by the incredible guests on our BOBs In The 'Burbs series. To support that, we've created a curated list the must-read book recommendations mentioned in these empowering interviews.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and explore this curated list of greatness. You just might be a page-turn away from unlocking your next level! 😉 Happy reading!


Jessica Haynes Recommendations

Monique Sutton Recommendations




BOBs in the 'Burbs is a podcast that shines a spotlight on Black-owned businesses in suburban areas and the ways they use social media to connect with their customers. Why? So that you can discover, shop, and tell a friend about amazing businesses that you might not have known about otherwise. So yea, #WeOutHereToo.