Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Business Page

Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Business Page


The work done at ALJ Digital allows us to not only complete projects for businesses and organizations but also to provide opportunities to educate and support their longevity. One very important thing that we do, an area of expertise and skill, is utilizing our clients’ Instagram Business pages to drive traffic and interest for their organizations.

We’d like to share some of the most effective features for using Instagram for Business to help build your brand and customer base. Reports have estimated upwards of a billion users on Instagram as of 2020 and still counting*. With that type of potential reach, how you share your business with the masses could mean quite a bit for your company. We have highlighted three features/tools that can be used and maximized for professional purposes on Instagram. They include: 

Stories – Instagram allows users to create video content in a sequence of stories that stay active for 24 hours. Stories allow individuals and companies to share timely information with a quick video or messaging that catches the attention of potential and current customers. 

Reels – Reels take it a step further than stories. They allow users to create longer video content that can be kept on their Instagram Business Page until they decide to delete it. 

Live – The Live feature on Instagram is a great way to have live interaction with your followers. Record at an event, workshop, or meeting and invite your audience to get in on the action. 

Instagram has a host of other features and tools that make it a great selection for engaging with customers and promoting your business. We encourage all clients to look up tutorials and how-to guides to learn more about navigating any platform they find useful for their business.

Have questions? Or are you new to social media marketing and advertising? Reach out to us at ALJ Digital LLC or leave a comment to get help. 

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